COOTACOM’s Manifesto is “By the end of June 2016 become number one technical service provider to Hobson Bay and Wyndham Community Centres and Small Businesses”.

The values that Cootacom as an organisation subscribes to as do all members of the team are;

The ability to effectively motivate, direct and enhance the performance of team members.

Communication skills is the set of skills that enables a person to convey information so that it is received and understood Communication skills refer to the repertoire of behaviours that serve to convey information for the individual to internal and external customers and team members.

The level at which tasks are performed carefully, accurately, and in accordance with specific instructions consistency of work quality and compliance with standards, requirements, and expectations The tracking of numerical data and detailed organizational information, and the careful application of grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules.

The degree to which customer service and professional rapport is demonstrated in the day-to-day business environment.

The degree to which individuals promote a collaborative, cooperative, and productive working environment The level of demonstrated sensitivity, team building, support, and respect.

 Ability and desire to actively seek out new solutions, tasks, opportunities or development that improve the organisation’s ability to provide solutions to customers in a more effective and efficient manner as well as improving ones value to the organisation by furthering your own professional development.