Cootacom can provide you with all your computers, laptops, printers and networking equipment. We can either provide you with one of our recommended computer bundles or tailor a solution to your needs. These days computer networking is an essential part of any computing environment. Cootacom can design, supply and configure your network today. Fed up with those cables? Wireless technology has come a long way over recent years. Cootacom can also help you go wireless and say goodbye to those unsightly network cables forever!



Cootacom technicians are experienced in server environments and are able to assist you with purchasing/configuring a server that will meet your businesses needs now and into the future. Our technicians can also recommend upgrades or diagnose and repair issues, that your servers and computers are experiencing, quickly and efficiently.


Is your computer struggling to keep up with you? Is it too slow? Or perhaps it doesn’t have enough memory? Cootacom technicians will diagnose and repair issues with your computers quickly. There are also a number of improvements you can make to your computer to give you that extra increase in performance and Cootacom technicians can advise you of the best course of action for your equipment. Computers have many components working together with your operating system. Not all of the components can be upgraded and, in some instances, it is more cost-effective for you to purchase a new computer.

Some common issues that Cootacom can assist you with are: 

Does your computer take too long to do anything?

Other than software problems like viruses or spyware, there are a number of hardware issues that can cause your computer to run slowly – the most common of these is insufficient memory (RAM). Your computer probably had enough memory to run the programs and applications provided with your computer when you purchased it, but as new software is released more memory is required to run them efficiently. A simple memory upgrade can vastly improve the performance of your computer and should be considered for any computer with less than 512MB RAM (memory). Cootacom technicians can tell you exactly what type of memory your PC requires as well as give you a quote for an upgrade.

 • Are graphics and pictures slow and jumpy?

All of the images and graphics you see on your computer screen are managed by your computer’s graphics card. The quality of your graphics card determines the quality of images on your computer. The quality of the graphics card will make a very noticeable difference to computer performance. Talk to us and we’ll give you the advice you need on upgrading your PC’s graphics capabilities.

Can I upgrade my operating system?

When you first purchased your computer it would have been provided to you with the current operating system (at the time). As new operating systems are released they expect to take advantage of the current computer technology available, this means that some older computers are simply not fast enough to use with the new operating systems. Our technicians would be happy to give you advice on upgrades during your onsite maintenance programs.


Are your computer and/or network secured? With the massive growth of the Internet, Internet security has become extremely important. Cootacom can assist you with your security issues/questions. Cootacom now also has ‘live server monitoring’ of the Trend Micro Security Package for Cootacom Maintenance Members.


How valuable is your data? Data backup is too often overlooked by users until they have a bad experience with data loss. Losing data through hardware failure or accidental deletion can be a disaster. Cootacom will assist you in implementing a backup system so that data loss is not a huge business risk. Cootacom are your best chance to recover your data. Remember that your server, networks and computers are tools used by your staff in their day-to-day work and it is critical that they are functioning at 100% at all times so that your staff and business are fully supported.