Designed to help you innovate quickly, enrich user experiences, make better decisions and build your business. All with the security you need to help you get ahead of the competition.

COOTAcloud has been built as a corporate grade performance based cloud that is affordable for small businesses. This means you are getting all the benefits and performance of a corporate cloud at a fraction of the price.


The COOTAcloud solution is based on running dedicated virtual machines on Cootacom’s new state of the art cloud infrastructure. By going down this track, you gain all the benefits of the above, which can outweigh the onsite option.

Cootacom’s cloud infrastructure has been designed with full redundancy at the cloud level to ensure that your business services are always available.






COOTAcloud is the right solution for any challenges you might be experiencing!




1. Easy Availability and Accessibility

Your users can access services and applications hosted on COOTAcloud from anywhere over the internet. As long as your employees have internet access, they can literally work from anywhere and this greatly enhances productivity and work-life balance

2. Scalability

COOTAcloud offers greater flexibility for your business by meeting its varying demands – bandwidth or number of users. Scaling up of services and resources is more easily achieved in a quicker turnaround time than dealing with physical resources.

3. Disaster Recovery

COOTAcloud takes care of disaster recovery plans and procedures therefore reducing the risk of lost or corrupt data for your business.
No more stressing about maintaining backups.

4. Business Continuity

Your business will continue even in the event of a disaster or unforeseen emergency. The remote accessibility enables your employees to log on to their work spaces from anywhere.

reduced costs

5. Reduced Costs

Migrating to COOTAcloud will significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Rather than upgrading or acquiring hardware and equipment for your business, you can resort to the efficient and effective resources provided by your COOTAcloud solution.

6. Better Maintenance

Upgrades and associated maintenance of the servers, software and network equipment are all taken care of by Cootacom. We have a professional team to work on network management tasks and we utilise advanced tools and applications to keep you running efficiently.

7. Faster and Easier Software Upgrades

COOTAcloud makes it quicker and easier to deploy applications and new software packages across your business. Why use outdated software when you can access the latest versions through the COOTAcloud ?

8. Improved IT Security

COOTAcloud enhances your organisation’s defence systems by securing your critical data and business applications. We regularly provide security maintenance that improves your security.

9. Subscription Based Cost Structure

COOTAcloud is a pay-as-you-go subscription model which lowers the risk for your business. A simple monthly fee is charged on a per user basis enabling you to grow your business as you need.

10. Environmentally Friendly

If your business is using COOTAcloud then you no longer need an onsite server, therefore you are not only gaining valuable office space, but you are decreasing your carbon footprint.